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Sleeping Dogs


What makes you different?
We believe the service that we offer is much more than a walk. We want to offer every dog that comes with us a fun, relaxing, happy social experience. It is much more than just a dog walk carried out on the lead. Your dog has the opportunity to socialise with others in a safe, secure environment, with time to play and explore. Having a private, secure area provides peace of mind that your dog is always in a safe space, doing what comes natural to them - having fun!

How do I pay?
We send invoices out at the end of each month to cover the previous month's walks. We request that payment is made within seven days via cash, bank transfer, or debit or credit card.

Can I have a free trial?
Yes! We always offer a free trial for new dogs. This gives us time to introduce your dog to the pack and make sure they fit in well. It also gives you the opportunity to try us out and see what you think of our services. We are sure you will be happy with what we can provide.

Do you offer other pet services such as cat sitting?
No! We really want to keep the focus on the pooches so we only offer dog walking services at the moment! If you live in and around Whitley Bay and require any other pet services, you can still get in touch as we may be able to recommend someone locally!

Do you walk my dog on a lead?
Yes and no! We feel that the advantage of having a private, secure space is that your dog can have the freedom to explore and socialise without the need to be on a lead. However there are times that we may use a lead, for instance if you request that your dog's exercise be limited.
Do I have to book my dog in every week?
We do not currently have a requirement for a set amount of walks. However we strongly recommend that your dog has at least one walk every week to get them used to the routine, and seeing the rest of the pack on a regular basis. We also provide discounts to your total bill for more regular walks.
How do I get my dog booked in?
Please contact us to arrange a free home visit, where we can meet you and your dog to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

What areas do you cover?
For both dog walking and puppy visits, we mainly cover Whitley Bay, Tynemouth and North Shields. If you live nearby and need a dog walker, please get in touch with us to see if we can assist you.

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